Dell XPS 9360 and ChromeOS Flex
23 May 2023 | 8:35 pm

You may remember that a few years ago, before moving to London, I bought a Dell XPS 9360, originally coming with Ubuntu — and a WiFi card that wasn’t great. The laptop served me well for quite a while but, over the years, ended up disappointing me. More than my previous Dell laptop. At some...

La Settimana Enigmistica Digitale e la loro nuova app
7 May 2023 | 7:56 pm

This is the first post in Italian on this blog in over ten years, mostly because it only really applies to readers who would be understanding Italian in the first place. Please see the summary on Mastodon, if you’re curious. Sono praticamente cresciuto con La Settimana Enigmistica. Non riesco ad immaginare nessuno, in Italia, che...

IPv6 In Real Life
30 April 2023 | 5:46 pm

I have built quite the reputation as an IPv6 contrarian over the years, particularly as I yearly criticize FOSDEM for describing their dual-stack network as a “legacy” network. As I keep reminding people, I’m also a relatively early adopter of IPv6 at home (with related annoyances), and I have eagerly tested and debugged issues with...

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