Nottingham Winter Sun
18 January 2023 | 5:11 pm

It is a long time since I have gone out to do any real photography. I’ve become a bit down about my photography journey and felt like I was in a rut. At one point I considered hanging up my camera for good, and these feelings led to some

Thinking Too Much About Social Media
1 December 2022 | 10:40 am

Due to the billionaire baby, I’ve been thinking far too much about social media. I can see no end to the news coverage of Twitter or the various escapades on Elmo, and other platforms are just revolving conversations of the same. Mastodon feels like you’re spending time with

Snacking On The Internet
1 December 2022 | 4:30 am

There are many things I am taking away from my 30 days no Twitter experiment. The feelings of worry that have all but disappeared are a by product of not being plugged into the attention economy, but I’m still not convinced I am getting the best possible results. My

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