Inspired Street Photography
2 June 2024 | 3:56 pm

Today was supposed to be a subdued day after our long walk yesterday, but my life just doesn’t work like that. After reading part of the excellent book Find Your Frame by Craig Whitehead, I felt inspired. When I woke up and saw the sun shining early in the morning, I decided to go out instead. Lately, the weather has been terrible here for May and June, but the forecast looked good.

I chose a familiar place since I am heading to London this week, so Nottingham streets are my favorite. During this visit, I tried to shoot much slower than I normally would. I found a shot and waited for the right moment to capture it. Some of the photos I took in my short couple of hours I really like.

In Find Your Frame, Craig encourages you to discover what you want to shoot and experiment with different styles. I can’t stay away from light and shadows, though.

Skegness With Rubbish Weather
30 May 2024 | 1:14 pm

This must be the period for spontaneity because after last weekends trip to Nottingham, today we just decided to head to the seaside for a couple of hours after work.

When I say the lift was rubbish, you better believe it. Someone needs to tell the world that it’s almost June because there was about 20mins sunshine all day.

However the place was packed with people enjoying themselves so you can’t complain, just join in.

Grabbed a few shots on my XT5 but nothing special.

Out Early To Nottingham
25 May 2024 | 1:23 pm

I did something that I never do. Got up early and went to shoot some street photos. There was already a long day lined up but I had a creative itch that I hadn’t been able to scratch for a while, and it needed satisfying.

It was a really enjoyable 2 hours in Nottingham in the only two hours sunshine they might have. I can really feel my motivation to shoot street photography coming back and my eye for a good shot improving.

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