‘So Long, Firefox’
20 October 2021 | 9:10 pm

So Long, Firefox by Poorchop:

With the release of Firefox 93, Mozilla makes no attempt to hide the fact that they have fully embraced the spyware business model. Ads are now injected directly into the search bar and a user’s keystrokes are sent to Mozilla’s servers.

[via This day’s portion@leonp]

A few years back when Mozilla acquired Pocket, I did some research and found out how I could disable it. It’s interesting how quickly Mozilla implemented ads and tracking cookies (for advertising) after that buy. I never trusted Mozilla much after that occurred though I continued and still continue to use Firefox as an integral part of my web-related workflow. As Pocket states:

We use cookies to remember your account settings, and for analytics. Some of our ad partners use cookies on Pocket Explore pages, and if you accept these advertising cookies, your ads may be more personalized on other websites.

Mozilla’s hypocrisy is stunning! And that was even before this Firefox Suggest thing came around. When I first heard about Suggest, I checked my settings to make sure I was not opting in (it was unchecked). But I’m still pissed about the hypocrisy. After seeing what Poorchop shared about the CEO’s salary, I’m livid. What an insult to people who commit to using Firefox and, in some cases, making donations to Mozilla!

But like Poorchop and Leon, I’ll continue using Firefox begrudgingly even though Mozilla has now officially made it to my shitlist (which is getting a bit long by now). 😎

9 October 2021 | 4:34 pm

  • Palitra App
    “The easiest way to find a color palette”
  • Orion Browser [inrgbwetrust]
    “the new WebKit-based browser for Mac”
  • texme [dusko]
    “Self-rendering Markdown + LaTeX documents”
  • Atropos
    “Stunning touch-friendly 3D parallax hover effects”
  • Yarn.social
    “The decentralized social micro-blogging platform that actually respects your privacy”
  • openring
    “A webring for static site generators”

introducing i.needalink
26 September 2021 | 10:12 pm

I share a lot of links, at least 4 per day every day. I love doing it but sometimes it’s hard to find new things to link to. I need a link dammit!

If you could just share with me a site you love to visit. Just one. In the act of my asking you to share a little something special with me, this platform could become something you’ll find really useful when you need a link. Share a link, find a link. Like that. So please gimme a link, thank you!

url of link you want to share:

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Oh yeah - and thanks for visiting.

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