Ending Gel
22 July 2022 | 9:22 pm

He hadn’t even gotten the letter into the envelope when he was sprayed down with Ending Gel. I know what the letter said because I was the one who sprayed him down. I tore the letter from his gnarled, dead grasp. It was an honest mistake, killing him — he was naked at the time, just lounging around in his car without a stitch of clothing on, the spitting image of an enemy soldier.

— p. 118, Super Flat Times by Matthew Derby

21 September 2021 | 7:40 pm

Back at it - scrapchat today (Sept 21st) at 6 PM Eastern with Talita of UH. Starting with the topic of Sunshine69 and moving outward from there. Talita is like one of my favorite people ever, so I am personally very excited about this.

16 September 2021 | 7:58 pm

Upcoming scrapchat livestream tomorrow Friday, Sept 17th at 10:30 AM Eastern. Talking with @rebane2001, keeper of the Taia777 Archive (and various other Minecraft, ASMR, MLP channels). Talkin web archives and ‘checkpoints’. twitch.tv/kickscondor.

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