20 Years of "Let Go" by Avril Lavigne
2 July 2022 | 3:10 pm

One way that I've been realising my age recently, is the amount of anniversaries for music that I used to listen to when I was a child.

The most recent one is Avril Lavigne's album Let Go, that has now reached it's 20th anniversary.

The Early Internet is Breaking
2 July 2022 | 1:38 pm

I just watched this great video on the early web - The early internet is breaking - here’s how the World Wide Web from the 90s on will be saved. It's relatively short, but it shows what the web looked like in the 1990s, and how

Blogging Like It’s 2010
2 July 2022 | 1:25 pm

Matt Bircher has been taking time away from Twitter, and spending more time writing on his blog. I find his reasoning very convincing, and I think I will also try to share more things on my blog, rather than condensing thoughts into hot takes on Twitter.

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