Morning Coffee
29 May 2023 | 9:54 am

Leather trivet by Murphy Studios.

Singing and Dancing Pete
25 May 2023 | 7:55 pm

At the end of April our improv class had a friends-and-family showcase at the Benevolent Irish Society hall. Hannah Kilchyk was the show photographer, and she captured this photo of me in action. I’m assuming—though who can remember in the hurly-burly of the show—that it was part of the Musical Hotspot part of the evening.

I do look industrious, and almost a caricature of what one might imagine an improv player might look like.

But I feel alive when I look at the photo

I feel “who is this fellow who can do things like this now?!”

I feel good.

Photo of Peter Rukavina, Hannah Kilchyk for the HA Club, April 24, 2023

Hannah Kilchyk for the HA Club, April 24, 2023

"There are things that can be washed and things that can't be washed."
25 May 2023 | 12:57 pm

The Q&A page at Laundry Holiday in Shikokuchuo, Japan, is a model for other laundromats. For example:

Q. I’m using it for the first time, is it okay?
A. Please use it with confidence.


Q. Can I wash the duvet?
A. There are things that can be washed and things that can’t be washed.
Items that fall under 1 to 3 below can be washed.

1. Those that are quilted.
2. It can be washed with water.
3. Things that can be used in a dryer.

The poetic concept statement for the laundromat is also a model:

The concept is “365 days HOLIDAY”
A day that starts with laundry on the morning of a holiday
The scent of soap from freshly made laundry
I feel like such a casual moment of daily life enriches my daily life.
It’s good if every day is such a holiday morning.
It’s a 365-day holiday!
I want the troublesome laundry to be fun and have a worthwhile time.
With such a thought, I made a place that makes me want to go every day.
Aiming to be everyone’s good neighbor

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