These Jeans Don’t Fit
14 March 2024 | 4:25 am

I saw them in the sale section. They looked fresh and new. Hip. I want to be hip. A hip old lady. In her wide leg jeans. The shipping is free. The colour seems agreeable. I calculated if I could actually afford them and took the chance. Add to cart. These jeans don’t fit. Out… Continue reading These Jeans Don’t Fit

Me, My Dad and Football
11 July 2023 | 3:23 pm

CW: talk of death and cancer On July 11th, 2018 I arrived at the pub a little past noon. The place was packed. There was a mix of both teams jerseys. My best friend could only manage us a seat at the bar.   I’d had the match on my computer at work before I made… Continue reading Me, My Dad and Football

20 June 2023 | 5:29 am

This is an attempt at dual pov. CW for NSFW and use of Daddy. I’m really late. This was all planned out. She’s going to be absolutely fucking furious with me. Which is one of the greatest turns on in my life. When she gets worked up about work. Worked up about her shows. Worked… Continue reading Lucky

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