Just < Not the same as it was
2 June 2023 | 10:12 pm

I listened to this Harry Styles song dozens of times on the radio, and every time I heard him sing "You know it's just the same as it was" over and over: It was only after watching the video and reading the subtitles that I realized he was saying "You know it's not the same […]

Austronesian languages of Taiwan
2 June 2023 | 7:27 pm

Handbook of Formosan Languages (Online): The Indigenous Languages of Taiwan Editors: Paul Jen-kuei Li, Academia SinicaElizabeth Zeitoun, Academia SinicaRik De Busser, National Taiwan Cheng-Chi University Leiden:  Brill, 2023 Outright Purchase: € 2249 / US dollars 2495Subscription: € 350 / US dollars 390 A print version is forthcoming (September 2023 ; 3 vols, ~ 2200 pp.) […]

Historical speech styles
2 June 2023 | 11:48 am

A recent Dinosaur Comics strip features T-Rex imitating (a certain kind of) speech style from the 1940s: Mouseover title: "to t-rex's mind, and mine as well, all of the past takes place around the 1930s. well sure! and why not?" The next strip: Mouseover title: "you want a gender-neutral way to address a room, well here […]

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