The Dreaded Double Line
2 July 2022 | 10:00 pm

As I previously mentioned, Julia tested positive for Covid six days ago.  I've taken two tests since then, and both were negative.  My summer cold-like symptoms have been increasing all week.  Today, I tested positive. 


C is the control line.  A double line is a positive test.  We are both double vaxed and boosted.  Hopefully, the cold-like symptoms resolve soon.  I'm grateful that it's summer and we can spend some time in the yard, while we recuperate. Yesterday, Julia harvested cherries from our sour cherry tree and today baked a pie. 



I'll do a second harvest in a couple of days for freezing.  Every time I pass the cherry tree, I grab a couple of cherries for immediate eating.  The birds will get the remainder.

Taste and smell have remained intact.  Fresh roasted coffee still smells and tastes as it should.

New Mexico: Las Cruces Airbnb
1 July 2022 | 10:00 pm

From February 2022

My satisfaction level with an airbnb is highly dependent upon the rental rate.  The place in Lac Cruces was about the same price as a budget motel room but had several advantages over your typical Red Roof Inn or Motel 6.

The living space was very basic:  nice bed, small kitchen, and full bath.

Callie claiming her spot

It was quiet and secure in a working class neighborhood.  Downtown was within walking distance.  

What I remember liking best is the outdoor space.  Las Cruces weather was quite spring-like compared to Albuquerque.  Nights were cool, but we frequently spent time in our private walled courtyard, having lunch, drinks, or just reading a book.


Lodi: Better marketing
30 June 2022 | 10:00 pm

When I started the coffeeshop around 2004, the local Chamber of Commerce wanted me to sign up for membership.  It was quite expensive for my shoestring budget so I declined.  I couldn't really see any benefits to my shop.  Lodi's downtown has struggled for many years.  Many, if not most people, do their shopping in Madison, thirty minutes away.

Back then, the Chamber marketed Lodi as a peaceful valley with full service banking and a grassy airstrip. 

The Ice Age Trail Alliance installed new signs this week just off of Main Street.  While the Appalachian Trail is blazed with white stripes, the Ice Age Trail is blazed with yellow stripes.

Much better. Makes me proud to live in the Lodi Valley.  It sure isn't the grassy airstrip or full service banking.  

In other matters, Julia tested positive for Covid and is nearly recovered after experiencing mild symptoms.  I have tested negative twice, and keeping my fingers crossed.  The Scamp in the driveway makes an excellent place to hide from viruses.

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