Settling on a new journaling notebook, a mnml digest
19 May 2023 | 3:30 pm

Five links. Ten sentences or fewer. On which notebook should house my next journal. Do I go with a trusted paper or a new-to-me notebook manufacturer? Graph or dotted or lined or blank or reticle or … Good thing this week’s blogosphere is replete with paper reviews.

All inked up, suited up, and ready for fancy writing
17 May 2023 | 10:30 pm

I’m carrying a serious look into the coming week. Three pens in black and white and chrome. One’s suit pants, suit jacket and shoes. A white and black Visconti. One’s dress shirt. The Cypress’ muted earth tones serve as one’s classic leather watch band. And a tangerine Sailor for a pop of memorable color. Or, as my old roommate used to say: always wear one piece of clothing that doesn’t match.

Yea, but how do you use that? The fabulous, insightful mundanity of ‘how I’m using my collection’ posts
16 May 2023 | 2:05 am

Fellow stationery bloggers are wonderful resources when I’m bereft of creative currently inked plans. Some of my favorite post series highlight how folks apply their currently inked outfits. I often see my own collection in a new light after reading“what I’m using” posts. I come away with ideas for my own new combinations. And, of course, stepping into someone else’s world for a bit is worlds of fun.

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