Moment of Sadness and Some Grief
3 October 2022 | 2:56 am

I had this friend Nancy I worked with for a number of years at IBM. We did these global data center projects for Global Technology Services before IBM started going nuts and getting rid of contractors. I lasted through a few restructuring events because our customer believed we were mission essential contractors so they hated […]

The day to day
2 October 2022 | 12:04 pm

I was thinking about writing this but after a leisurely breakfast with my friend David, it seemed I should maybe write a blogpost about it. David and I go back years but I had never met him face to face. We met perhaps on Facebook but then also on this expat forum site and it […]

Distance to Siem Reap
30 September 2022 | 11:36 pm

Today I leave for Siem Reap. I could have taken the bus there which is about 5 hours give or take but instead decided to fly this time. Flying from here to there is 50 minutes. So yeah. I am lazy today and decided to do the quick trip on Cambodia Angkor Airlines. The flight […]

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