Patrons: Changing the rules of the game? [me, Patreon]
30 September 2022 | 3:00 am

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Hey, Patrons!

When I started my patreon campaign, I set forth a set of rules to parameterize what I'd be charging you for. I'd like to hear your opinion about changing one of those rules.

I just posted something that was very different from my Siderea Posts. I did not charge my patreons for "Possible Post-COVID Immune Dysregulation & Its Epidemiological Consequences [COVID-19, sci/bio/med]" because it violates the rules I set forth. As I put it on Patreon: "To qualify as a Siderea Post, a post must be [...] Original – note that this disqualifies posts [...] which are substantially a passage of something someone else wrote".

Nor is it just that it violates the letter of the rules. My value proposition has been, heretofore, been providing original insights – like it says in my banner, "Artisanal wisdom prepared by hand in small batches from only the finest, locally sourced, organic insights."

"Possible Post-COVID Immune etc" was very much not that. It was an evidence dump. I explained very little – in places I straight up said, welp, I don't know what this means – and contributed very little in the way of original thought about the topic.

It is not what people usually read me for. (Those of you who are new here since the start of the pandemic may be wondering what I'm going on about. I didn't use to be All Applied Epidemiology All The Time. How to Survive Plagues is not actually the organizing principle of my writing, and you're going to laugh at me after my next post.)

But it is an almighty amount of tsuris. Putting that post together was a really tremendous amount of work that took hours to research and hours to organize and format. Curation is serious work. I can't affording to be spending that kind of time on something that's uncompensated.

So the question I'm putting to you-all is, is that something you want to be incenting me to do?

Or maybe a better way of putting this is: How would you feel about my changing the rules to no longer have a limit on posts that are predominantly quoted material?

That rule change wouldn't just include evidence dumps like my previous post. There's at least one other kind of post that it would enable. I have an idea for a forthcoming post that I am entertaining the possibility of writing – "writing" – as epistolary. "Epistolary" means "made of epistles, i.e. letters", and an epistolary story is a work of fiction told entirely through fictionalized correspondance. What I am thinking of doing is not fiction, and it wouldn't be letters (in the modern sense), but passages quoted from scientific research articles and other technical documents, that assembled tell a fascinating true story.

And, who knows, maybe there are other formats of work that I might come up with, that consist not of original writing but curation of others' writing.

So what do you think? Is this something you want to incent? Or would you prefer I stick with the original plan?

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Possible Post-COVID Immune Dysregulation & Its Epidemiological Consequences [COVID-19, sci/bio/med]
29 September 2022 | 3:00 am

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Content Advisory: Nightmare fuel (low grade, unless you follow links)

Patrons, this is a free post. Discussion later.

I am writing something else that tangentially touches on this topic, and realized I should probably just factor this out to be its own thing separate of my editorizalizing.

This is an evidence dump. Mostly scientific research, also popular press news articles and Meddit scuttlebutt.

Hypothesis: Covid might have lasting negative effects on immune function; this may have something to do with Long Covid, and – more interesting to me – it might have something to tell us about our epidemiological future.

This is what I have on it so far. [4,045 Words] )

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Ah, yes [me, health]
24 September 2022 | 6:43 am

The inevitable happened Thursday night. I was moving much better, getting things done, feeling perky, and I rolled up on evening meds o'clock, took a swig of water and threw my head back to drop my pills in my mouth. This had the effect of feeling like I had just tried to rip all the muscles between my pelvis and my left heel off the back of my leg. Bodies, man. Back to hobbling.

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