Godard: The power of imperfection
26 September 2022 | 3:44 pm

Opening credits of Bande à part (1963). DB here: He was a sketchy fellow, to put it mildly. Childhood episodes of theft were followed by larceny as an adult, when he stole his grandfather’s Renoir and swiped cash from  the Cahiers du cinéma till. Notorious for taking funding for projects that were never made, he […]

A Monument to Mystery: Martin Edwards’ THE LIFE OF CRIME
5 September 2022 | 4:08 pm

DB here: In my early teens I bought murder mysteries from the legendary Claude Held of Buffalo. Lacking a checking account, I blithely sent through the mail dollar bills and even coins taped to the order. I still have S. S. Van Dine and Ellery Queen hardbacks from those days, but my most treasured item […]

HEAT revisited
23 August 2022 | 9:42 pm

Heat (1995). DB here: Last year, Quentin Tarantino wrote a novel that extended and reconsidered the story of Once Upon a Time . . . in Hollywood (2019). Less elaborate is Michael Mann’s new bestseller Heat 2, written with Meg Gardiner. It’s not his first reworking of his film’s world: Heat (1995) was itself an expansion […]

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