Dealing with all that spammy requests
29 September 2022 | 9:35 pm

One of the tricky parts of blogging is one having time to blog and the amount of hammy messages you get when doing it for a long while. In a conversation on mastodon with a few people about web3 (don’t get me started). I saw Rysiek’s blog which talked about the second problem. He calls … Continue reading "Dealing with all that spammy requests"

Adaptive podcasting is public and you can get it now
18 September 2022 | 9:30 am

Last week BBC R&D launched the Adaptive podcasting ecosystem upon the world. There is a blog post to get you started if you want to dive straight in. The Adaptive podcasting ecosystem is a combination of parts. Adaptive podcasting beta Android app/player Adaptive podcasting web editor Adaptive podcasting XML specification (SMIL) With the Android app/player … Continue reading "Adaptive podcasting is public and you can get it now"

Heart in the clouds of Amsterdam mix
14 September 2022 | 11:36 pm

I have been doing mixes in the car for my partner while she drives. Its one of the big advantages of the pacemaker device. Plugin the audio jack and you can DJ almost anywhere. My partner prefers vocal tunes to my usual style of tech trance, so I now have a case of vocal trance … Continue reading "Heart in the clouds of Amsterdam mix"

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