Canadian Competition Bureau Expands Its Investigation Into Google’s Advertising Practices
1 March 2024 | 5:15 am

Today’s announcement from the Competition Bureau reveals an expansion in the scope of its investigation into Google’s advertising business, something it has been looking into for over three years. One of the problems faced by regulators like these is the sheer scale of an operation like Google’s, and it should not be a surprise that […]⌥ Permalink

⌥ Project Titan’s Cancellation Seems to Have Broken Some Brains
29 February 2024 | 4:31 pm

Even though it has only been a couple of days since word got out that Apple was cancelling development of its long-rumoured though never confirmed car project, there have been a wave of takes explaining what this means, exactly. The uniqueness of this project was plenty intriguing because it seemed completely out of left field. […]

Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Intended to Restrict Data Sales to ‘Countries of Concern’
29 February 2024 | 12:54 am

U.S. President Joe Biden today signed an executive order, previously covered, which intends to limit the sale and distribution of Americans’ sensitive data to “countries of concern”: To address this threat and to take further steps with respect to the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13873, the order authorizes the Attorney General, in coordination […]⌥ Permalink

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