Survival Technologies opens May 30th!!!
29 May 2024 | 3:55 pm

Survival Technologies
by Kamissa Ma Koïta and Elena Stoodley

Opens Thursday (May 30th) at Festival TransAmériques!!!!

It is completely sold out. But if you show up early there might be a few rush tickets at the door.

More information here:

Produced by PME-ART
Co-Creator, Director, Sound Design, Performer: Elena Stoodley
Co-Creator, Visual Creator: Kamissa Ma Koïta
Set and Lighting Co-Design: Paul Chambers
Assistant Set and Lights: Jordana Natale
Video content Co-Design and Interactive Art Design: Bay Dam
Performer, Cultural Consultant: Jean Durandisse
Performer, Dance Consultant and Costume Design: Michèle Jean-Jacques
Performer and Dance Consultant: Sophia Gaspard
Percussionist and Cultural Consultant: Karl-Henry Brézault
Artistic Consultants: Dana Michel + Karla Étienne
Artistic Facilitator, Dramaturgy Assistant: Jacob Wren
Artistic Contribution: Sonia Hughes
Producer: Sylvie Lachance
Technical Director: Vladimir Cara
Production Manager: Becks Lefranc

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques + Forum Freies Theater (Düsseldorf) + Festspillene i Nord-Norge (Harstad)
Developed with the support of National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund (Ottawa)
Presented in association with Agora de la danse + Tangente


From 2015: My Apologies
22 May 2024 | 6:21 pm


I wrote this in 2015:

"Guilt is conservative. We are all implicated in more ways than we will ever know but shouldn’t feel guilty. We should be angry, must become open to an anger that experiences possibilities everywhere, that opens towards genuinely other ways of seeing our predicament and where it might first or most crack."

From this novel I started but couldn't finish: My Apologies


Lilly Dancyger Quote
10 May 2024 | 6:54 pm


"I always tell my writing students not to try to wrap things up in a neat little bow when they’re actually complicated and unresolved. That the lack of closure can be a better ending than manufactured closure that’s not genuine. The parts of the story that don’t seem to fit together can often be where the real story is. I encourage them to look for those spots of friction and write into the complexity. That’s where the good stuff is."
- Lilly Dancyger

From this interview:


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