Letter of News: Wayward, Yellowface, and Kind of a Big Deal
20 May 2023 | 3:00 pm

Dear Friends,

I promise this isn't a daily newsletter! These are merely extraordinary circumstances!

I'm writing to you from Vancouver Island – more precisely, from my aunt's sunny kitchen table – on the cusp of vanishing into the literal wilderness for ten days. From

The Twelve Days of Bigolas Dickolas Wolfwood
20 May 2023 | 12:43 am

Dear Friends,

Previously, on Amal Content:

Screenshot from my last newsletter. Text reads: As far as I can tell, someone going by the name Bigolas Dickolas Wolfwood runs a fan account for a 90s anime called Trigun which was recently rebooted, and tweeted about loving Time War with imperative enthusiasm, and somehow over the course of 24 hours that tweet went viral with people chiming in to say how much, how passionately, how violently they love the book, and it blew up, and despite the fact that Twitter Does Not Sell Books enough people bought our book in a short enough period that whatever algorithmic alchemy determines Amazon's best-sellers took notice, and the upshot of it all is that corporate marketing people at Simon & Schuster now know the name Bigolas Dickolas.

A lot has happened since then.

I truly struggle with how to talk about the past 12 days, during which a viral tweet from an anime fan account with an excellent name turned This Is How You Lose the Time War into a New

I tried to title this post for twenty minutes and failed
9 May 2023 | 5:11 pm

Dear Friends,

What's this! Another newsletter, so fast on the heels of the last? Forgive me – it's time-sensitive and extraordinary.

The short version: This Is How You Lose the Time War is presently, at this moment of writing, half-price on Amazon.com, available for the

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