a poet and a punk

Shane MacGowan passed away. My Facebook feed teems with tributes from friends and personalities. The front cover of today's Irish Independent consists of a full-page photo of MacGowan, accompanied by the epithet “A poet and a punk”. Ta sé ar shlí na firinne. (more)

a savage joy

In the pub down the street, we sit by the fire, lavishly heaped with coal, myself gratefully cupping a glass of hot whiskey redolent of cloves and lemon. Several await me this evening. Tiogar comes in, receives treats from the bar owner, approaches the fire. He's old, (more)

scriobhaim anocht

The mother-in-law returns tomorrow. I’ve been relaxed, perhaps complacent, using the dishwasher and leaving my things on the kitchen table, a teenager home alone in my habits. I let the dog lie in his bed while I work in the kitchen. Make rich meals requiring the accompanim (more)

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