Wikiconcours 2023.2 : le verdict
1 January 1970 | 12:00 am

Je vous parlais du Wikiconcours ici. Nous avons obtenu la 4e place par équipes et le prix spécial de la collaboration d’équipe du jury ! Et en plus de ça, c’est aujourd’hui que notre article finalement labellisé (étoile d’argent) Transition de genre est en page d’accueil de Wikipédia. Je suis ravi 🙂

a league of their own
1 January 1970 | 12:00 am

Just finished watching A League of their Own and I’m going to miss all these wonderful lesbians. I mean characters. Uncle Bertie is in my heart forever. Max, Lupe and Joey are joining the list of the fictional loves of my life. I love them all so much, I even tolerated some baseball for them. […]

the sams
1 January 1970 | 12:00 am

just realised that sam altman and sam bankman fried are not the same person everything suddenly makes more sense but I liked it more when I was confused

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