The Dice — 002
26 May 2024 | 3:24 pm

It's been a crazy great week. On Monday Ryan Rumsey and I hosted our first Jump Ship workshop, Restart and it smashed. If you’ve ever thought about working for yourself, Restart guides you through a series

When will design learn?
25 May 2024 | 10:09 pm

Let's start this post off with a big, huge number: 458,219. That’s the estimated number of people in technology who have lost their jobs since 2022. And even more are sure to be let go as the year, an election year, trudges on. I don&

"What is the point of countless books and libraries."
21 May 2024 | 4:37 pm

Yesterday morning I opened The Daily Stoic and came across a gem of a thought written by the philosopher Seneca. It’s from his book De Tranquillitate Animi roughly translated in English, On Tranquility of Mind. 

What’s the point of having countless books

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