Reflective Thoughts
30 May 2024 | 9:09 am

Yesterday, I was still feeling tired after the long weekend away. It hardly seems possible that such a relatively short trip and some pleasant socialising can leave me still wiped out two days later. It made me think of the times in my 30s when I could drive an ambulance all day in London, come … Continue reading Reflective Thoughts

Thursday Smiles
30 May 2024 | 8:16 am

A mix of cartoons and memes today.

Songs I Like (38)
30 May 2024 | 8:15 am

“Stoney End” is a song written by Laura Nyro and released in February 1967 on her debut album ‘More Than a New Discovery’. I heard it on the radio as a teenager, and really liked it. Hard to classify in a genre, the lyrics suggest a Country Music song but it doesn’t sound like one. … Continue reading Songs I Like (38)

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