Vintage Photographs From The 19th Century
21 March 2023 | 3:44 pm

A selection I found online. Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh. 1850s. Lake Como, Italy. 1870. A lady sleeping in a train, 1880. The Shambles, York. 1890. A British official in India, with his family and servants. 1890. A wet day in London, 1890. Spoon makers in Russia, 1899.

Life With Mabel: Part Nineteen
20 March 2023 | 5:32 pm

This is the nineteenth part of a fiction serial, in 741 words. People rushed to help Mabel up, and without even taking time to thank them, she hurried into Woolworth’s. Grabbing her bag and coat, she went into the manager’s office without knocking. “Sorry, I have to go. My best friend has been knocked down, … Continue reading Life With Mabel: Part Nineteen

Retro Music 61
20 March 2023 | 11:06 am

Something different today, a comparison of two versions of the same retro song. The original, and a later cover. For a change, I love both versions, with the cover equally as good, in my opinion. I also saw the band who covered the song perform it live, and it was flawless. In 1968, Barbara Acklin … Continue reading Retro Music 61

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