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...a wandering alien from a different plane roaming the universe in a tiny camper...

I'm the proprietor behind this here blog. My name is Ray and I'm a long time online-geek hailing from the old days of electronic bulletin board systems (BBSes). I'm also the guy behind and Those sites are borne out of my enduring love for blogs and online communities.

In my "real" job, I own and operate one of the longest lasting collegiate sports community sites (since 1996) in I'm just as surprised as you might be about that. ; )

I also happen to be living life as a professional wanderer, roaming the continent in my tiny camper. It's something I've been doing for a few years now and also much to my surprise it's become another enduring love of mine. You can read a bit about my travels on my personal blog at

Just write – your way

Following up from Blogging from insecurity into authenticity, where the gist is to be authentic and simply write for yourself: Greg Morris: While you are worrying about everyone else’s opinions on the correct way to do things, you’re not writing. Just…

Blogging from insecurity into authenticity

There's times we tangle with bouts of insecurity when we do that delicate dance of laying words out for the world to read (and we know it can be harsh sometimes).

Be comment friendly

Comments, comments, comments... Some bloggers hate 'em. Some love 'em. It's a personal choice; there's no right or wrong to it. But if you're gonna do comments, you gotta go all in and do 'em right.


A personal message from Ray, the (odd?) proprietor of this (strange?) site.