Say ‘TRUST ME’ To Yourself
6 May 2021 | 4:48 am

Try it. It’s a lesson in what trust is & what we mean when we say we trust someone. It’s really hard to say “Trust me” to yourself. So we build up people who can say it to us. When we call someone trustworthy, aren’t we really saying we are giving them the job of …

Birthday Notes
5 May 2021 | 3:42 am

It's not my birthday now but it is of a lot of people I love.

Don’t Just Do Something! Stand There!
25 April 2021 | 7:09 pm

…said an older friend over twenty years ago. It came up in a general conversation, not as a request to me. He didn’t explain but it opened up a train of thought that has only now pulled into my mind’s station. This month Mumbai led the second wave of COVID in India. In my own …

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