“When we simplify complex systems, we destroy them”
18 April 2024 | 1:16 pm

[Rewilding is] a fundamentally cheerful and workmanlike approach to what can seem insoluble problems. It doesn’t micromanage. It creates room for “ecological processes [which] foster complex and self-organizing ecosystems.” Rewilding puts into practice what every good manager knows: hire the best people you can, provide what they need to thrive, then get out of the…

Team retreat at the Eames Archives and Ranch
20 March 2024 | 2:19 pm

Last week, the Eames Institute Digital Product team got together at the newly-opened Eames Archives in Richmond, CA and the currently-under-renovation Ranch in Petaluma, CA. Llisa Demetrios – one of the Eames grandchildren, a founder of the Eames Institute, and our Chief Curator – gave DP a private tour of the Archives, and we walked…

Still whitecaps
13 March 2024 | 5:20 am

Why do whitecaps seem almost still when you’re 1000 feet in the air looking down at the ocean?

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