A dozen books worth reading
24 May 2022 | 4:19 pm

Latest newsletter is a roundup of all the books we read in the Read Like an Artist book club.

The map is not the territory
19 May 2022 | 6:08 pm

After I posted Tuesday’s newsletter about how I hit an “invisible wall” at the edge of a map of my understanding, I came across these two familiar quotes: 1. “A map is not the territory.” —Alfred Korzybski (via the comments) 2. “It’s not down in any map; true places never are.” —Melville, Moby-Dick (misquoted in Bob […]

Mapping your books
12 May 2022 | 3:51 pm

A list is one thing, but making a map of the books you’ve read often reveals connections between them that you might have missed. (More in Tuesday’s newsletter: “A cluster map of books.”)

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