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14 July 2024 | 12:00 am

AI companies need to make a lot of money for the current market state (NVIDIA going to the moon) to make sense. Right now it's far from that.

Interview with the current co-CEO of Netflix

Lambda School, a scam

A tour of Starfactory, with Elon

Advantages of incompetent management

Ben Kuhn on trust and growing teams

Mehran's Steak House: making of

Why haven't biologists cured cancer?

The occurrence of cancer seems to continue to raise exponentially even in old age, contrary to what was previously thought

Using evolution to fight cancer

Quantum computing state of the art from 2019 outpaced by progress in classical computing as of 2024

Does meditation experience get you to jhana faster? Weirdly no

Naked Mole Rat mortality rate does not seem to increase with age, additional data keeps supporting this conclusion

What kills cancer patients?

Why microbiome research is hard

Making synthetic blood

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11 June 2024 | 12:00 am

Michael Lewis (author of a recent book on FTX)'s Blind Side

Xylitol bad?

Demons and Internal Family Systems

GLP1 analogues do not cause muscle loss in excess to what one would expect via caloric restriction. And we know that in that case one can avoid that to some extent by a high protein diet + exercise.

Cradle (formerly known as Lorentz, a name I deem more based), Laura Deming's new startup working on cryopreservation of tissues

Lumina, the probiotics company trying to cure cavities, playing very dirty here

That study saying that dance was better than SSRIs? Not so fast.

This tweet is a bit of a meme but there seems to be some truth to it, the post-exit startup founder to spirituality pipeline. This reply is interesting.

Dropping sterilized worms from airplanes in Panama, weekly

Andy Matuschak: How might we learn? (Check out his Patreon post for more context on the idea of exorcising oneself of the Primer)

The solar industrial revolution as an investment opportunity

Anthropic's sleeper agents paper

A song: BoZlak

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11 May 2024 | 12:00 am

Some debate over the merits of Minicircle, the gene therapy startup. It's a case of "in theory, it shouldn't work", with "working" defined in the most damning way: probably not even raising follistatin.

The debate over the usefulness of healthcare, Scott and reply from Robin Hanson, followed by reply from Scott and reply from Robin, with some highlights from Scott, which I think contains a good closure to the saga, with Hanson stating what he believes in and Scott agreeing roughly with that view.

And more biotech debate, this time about the Lumina probiotic that claims to prevent cavities.

On the synergy (ie the bad kind of feedback loop) between fat gain and inflammation

Reversing atherosclerosis with gene therapy

Michael Elowitz on synthetic biology

Astro Mechanica

The origins of woke, a book review, with comments

Research Leader's Playbook

I recently finished listening to the Billion Dollar Whale audiobook on the 1MDB scandal, which I recommend. Kevin Kwok has notes here.

Armand Cognetta on learnings running his company

A weirdly whimsical healthcare software giant

On the submarine cables that carry most of the world's internet traffic, and their repair

On jhanas

And, from the same person, understanding science funding 2011-2021

Trevor Klee on GLP1 and GIP receptors

Base Power, a vertically integrated battery/electricity startup

Brian Potter on fab construction costs

How might we learn, by Andy Matuschak

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