Chat with Devon Z Today
10 June 2021 | 1:46 pm

Livestream today (June the 10th) at 2 PM Eastern. An urgent scrapchat with @devonzuegel - exploring her recent ‘Field Notes: Miami’ and other fine hypertexts. Should be a good afternoon.
10 June 2021 | 12:42 am


Ah so - this is a good rabbithole - go click on it, that’s all there is to it.

This site is truly a throwback to the Original World-Wide Web. A personal home page. Pages of links. Tutorials on making your own web page. Lots of little 88x31 link buttons. You can go here and pretty much experience the Web as it was.

One of my favorite areas is the shrines - a collection of mini-sites dedicated to Sadness’ obsessions. These sites are their thing: their own designs, their own feel - I assumed they were external links at first. Yeah, no.


Since the site is on Neocities, there is a page cataloguing the recent updates. I’ve been using Neocities’ RSS feeds - but they are very limited - no indication of what has changed, just a timestamp.

So when I visited Unimaginable Heights’ recent updates page, I was happy to see that it shows thumbnails that are linked to the pages that have changed.

I’ve added support for this to Fraidycat, so that you can keep up with updates to these sites - just follow the url (, for example) and it’ll show you a feed of that ‘recent updates’ page.

Screenshot of Neocities follow in Fraidycat.

I like this a lot - no need for a blog - just build your home page on Neocities and people can have a window into what you’re working on day-by-day. Would love to see this on!


Oh also - you can find sadness on Spacehey.

Vivaldi 4.0 Includes Feed Reader
9 June 2021 | 10:15 pm


I’ve been using Vivaldi for quite awhile - it’s a Chromium-based browser with quite a lot of interesting features, such as tab groups, tiling windows, and customizable sidebars. Their new RSS reader is rather elegant - as it’s just part of an inbox page that’s integrated into the browser - and can act as both an e-mail client and a feed reader!

I’ll personally continue to use Fraidycat with Vivaldi - because the ‘inbox’ metaphor doesn’t work for the volume of feeds I like to follow - but it’s great to see a resurgence of support for RSS in recent weeks. (I’m thinking particularly of Chrome for Android’s new ‘follow’ button.)

Vivaldi Mail/Reader

You can access the e-mail/reader pane by visiting vivaldi://mail/.


Kind of wish you could hook into the RSS ‘subscribe’ button in extensions - but hey at least it’s there! The icon shows up in the address bar when feeds are detected - and you can click there to subscribe.

There’s also a preview window to show you the contents of a feed. Nice touch to see if the feed shows the full text of a post.

Vivaldi RSS Preview

I think this is one of the better RSS integrations among browsers over the years. Firefox used to have a way of monitoring RSS as a ‘live bookmark’ - which was REALLY WEIRD. This was removed in 2018.

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