The Internet Computer: Revolutionary or Hype?
11 June 2021 | 9:27 am

The Internet Computer may radically change how the Internet works. It is a new decentralized network based on a new protocol that will run on the computers of multiple, independent data centers around the world.

A Review of Lokinet (Oxen): A Road to Nowhere?
4 June 2021 | 5:43 am

Lokinet is a decentralized Internet overlay network that is in many ways similar to the Tor network. In addition to surfing the network and using its services, Lokinet users can also create their own sites and services.

Escaping from the Mainstream Internet and Leaving the Web Behind
24 May 2021 | 6:09 am

Some are now deciding to take a break from the mainstream Internet, or at least spend less time there. Many of them are frequenting smaller, less-well-known websites and forums on alternative networks.

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