Good To Go See Robin And Emma (Almost)…
24 May 2022 | 4:46 pm

Good To Go See Robin And Emma (Almost)…

My doctor says I’m good to spend the weekend in Hudson, N.Y., with Maria, my daughter Emma and granddaughter Robin, who loves to pose for photos.

(The photo above was Ribon’s class picture, as you can tell, she isn’t shy about posing.)

We’ve been trying to figure out a way to get together since the pandemic began; Emma lives in a Brooklyn hot zone and says she doesn’t want to be the person who gives me Covid-19.

I know I’m not the perfect or typical smitten grandfather, but I am eager to see my daughter again and to look at my granddaughter, who appears to be hot.

But Covid isn’t going away; it’s just changing stripes and zoning in on older people like me with heart disease and diabetes.

I’ve got all my boosts and vaccinations, but I’m told that doesn’t matter as much as I thought it would.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind at all when the government tells me what to do about Covid.


I got a phone lesson in Covid caution this morning.

I’ve got my box of 9-95 masks; I’ll avoid indoor dining, rub my hand with disinfectant whenever I touch a door, store or restaurant knob, or gas pump, and keep away from crowds and crowded places.

“You know how you probably touch the gas pump and then touch your face?” the nurse asked. “Well, don’t do that.”

Got it.

I’ve gotten lax about the disinfectant and about touching my face after touching things others have touched without disinfecting my hands.

I’ll up my game for the visit.

We do have a hitch, of course.

Emma reports she’s getting sick. She tested negative for Covid but might have trouble getting out for the weekend. Her husband Jay is out of town.

I’ve put together a very sophisticated and funky bag of books for Robin; she is, like her mother, a voracious reader. She also had her own Ipad; of course, this is Brooklyn.

I told her to do what she needed; we had a whole summer ahead of us to switch dates if we needed to. We both think it’s time, and I am guessing it will happen.

If not, we’ll deal with it.

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Still Life: Living Room Lamp At Bedtime
24 May 2022 | 4:20 pm

Still Life: Living Room Lamp At Bedtime

I was heading upstairs to bed last night when I looked up and saw our overnight lamp’s reflection in the window.

I returned to get my Leica 2, the right camera to catch the reflections from the lamp we leave on all night.

I appreciate the depth of the reflection and the richness of the light. Leica cameras love contrast.

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Out My Kitchen Window
24 May 2022 | 4:09 pm

Out My Kitchen Window

I feel a bit schizophrenic at times. For most of my life, I would have called the police if I’d looked out my kitchen window and seen a donkey grazing peacefully.

Now, from Spring to the first frost in Autumn, I see it almost every day, and sometimes I barely notice it. Other times, like this morning, I blink in surprise at the beauty and peacefulness of it.

Donkeys are slow and tall grazers; they eat from the bottom down and love to pull chunks of grass to chew on.

They are calm and peaceful creatures, making me feel relaxed and friendly to watch them eat softly and calmly.

Donkeys are vigilant, but ours are also quiet and often still. They don’t get excited, even for food. Donkeys are s firm believers in dignity. They never give it away.

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