How Do You Say Goodbye To People You Came To Love But Have Only Known For A Few Days? I Don’t Know, It’s Never Happened To Me Before. Something Inside If Me Is Opening Up. The Saratoga Hospital Nurses Who Have Helped Save My Feet Are Different. They Seem Happy To Know I Am Going Home Tomorrow. They are mostly young, Not Yet Cynical or Disillusioned Or Worn Down By The People Who Treat Them Like Slaves, Not Humans. One By One They Come In To My Room To Tell Me Their Stories And Ask Me About Mine. I Came To Love A Lot Of These Mostly Young And Loving Women. They Really Cared About Me. They Really Helped Me. And Now I Am Sad To Say Goodbye To Them, I Care About them. I Doubt I Will Ever See Any Of Them Again.
2 June 2023 | 10:38 pm

Success! Surgery Is Over, a 100 Per Cent Success!The Infection Is All Gone. I’m Going Home Saturday Morning. Gratitude For Dr.Daly, My Nurses, Maria, my Readers. Back To The Surgical Boot For Awhile, Antibiotic Pills For Awhile, checking Mt Feet Everyday, Yell For Help When I Need it. Tonight, A Quiet Night Of Peace And Reflection For Us. Tomorrow, Spider-Man At The Movies. Life Is Full Of Crisis And Mystery. This Was Life.
2 June 2023 | 7:56 pm

Surgery Postponed Till Evening. Between Five And Six. I’ve Been Thinking About How Small Spaces Mask Big Ideas. Maria Is Heading Home To Take Care Of The Animals. She Insists On Coming Back. I’m In A Small Space.But Big Things Are Happening Here And In Other Small Spaces. Life Creates It’s Own Boundaries. I Remember My Spiritual Work, Big Ideas And Revelations Come From Inside, we Make Our Own Spaces.
2 June 2023 | 6:10 pm

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