Portfolio, Projects and Posts
11 May 2022 | 12:00 am

I'm gonna break with my usual programming of weird posts to write about a few work related things. This is my personal site after all and I do have a job like most of you out there and so sometimes it just so happens that I have work related things to share.

The first work related news is that I finally have a portfolio… sort of. See, I hate the idea of having a portfolio on my site. I tried and in the past I even wrote a few posts that were essentially project reviews. But honestly, I hate to have projects on this site. I want this blog to remain a simple tool to share random things to the world. Which is why I'm happy to have discovered read.cv. I love how simple the platform is and I'm enjoying adding projects to my page slowly over time. If you like it, feel free to join me there.

Second somewhat work related news is that Carl and I have finally pushed live the new Minimalissimo websites. I really can't believe it took me that long to code those sites but I'm very happy that they are finally out. The design is a bit unique and definitely not trendy but we like to experiment. I had a blast figuring out a way to handle all those borders in a way that was not completely stupid. If you're into minimalism give the new sites a browse and let us know what you think. I'll leave the link to the three sites down here.

And lastly, after having coded three different versions of the site, 2 different versions of the shop and one standalone archive, I finally contributed with a post of my own on Minimalisismo. Carl asked me to curate a mood and so I did. Get in touch if you think there's some other project worth including in the selection.

Links and webrings
5 May 2022 | 12:00 am

Plenty of people online these days are complaining about the bubble effect and the algorithm. I'm not in the mood to write about my thought on the matter, sorry. What I am in the mood to talk about though, is solutions to the problem.

Solution number one is get yourself a personal site and start sharing content you like and more specifically start linking to sites and content you find interesting. That's what the internet was made for after all. And in that spirit I'm going to link a few things down below:

Solution number two is embrace randomness. As you may or may not know I run a small project called The Forest where you can get random sites suggested to you. But it's far from being the only site of that kind. indieblog.page is another good one. Or if you're in a silly mood give theuselessweb.com a try. Another thing you can consider, if you're after new content to enjoy, is browsing websites directories. And last but not least, you can explore webrings! If you scroll down at the very bottom of this page—down in the footer, after the archive—you'll notice two arrows. Those are links to other sites that are part of the IndieWeb Webring. But the IndieWeb one is just one of the countless webrings available out there. I'll leave you with links to a few of them here but feel free to suggest others.

A moment reflecting on the past
2 May 2022 | 12:00 am

Visiting monuments and historic sites has never been a huge passion of mine—even though I live in the country with the highest number of UNESCO sites—but lately I've been enjoying it a bit more. Getting older is making me more interested in history for some reason.

The Redipuglia War Memorial is an odd place to visit. And visiting it at night doesn't make it any less strange. The place has the austere style that's typical of the fascist era: there's no curves, everything is geometrical and imposing. But that style feels appropriate for some reason. It's a war memorial. Its goal is not to wow you with his style.

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