18 May 2022 | 1:01 pm

We grieve we when lose someone, but we also grieve when we lose a sense of place or time or self, a path we feel we’re walking (toward something important), or a reliable-seeming understanding of how the world works. A lot of us have lost things over the past few years. Many more before that, […]

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Probably Don’t
11 May 2022 | 1:01 pm

Social media is great for some purposes, but much of what the networks (or rather, the people running and managing them) want from me is not aligned with my priorities. I don’t want to post more stuff, more aggressively. I don’t want to share every aspect of my life. I don’t want to “pivot to […]

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4 May 2022 | 1:00 pm

As a general policy, I try to do things purposefully rather than passively. “Purposeful” can mean different things, though, depending on what aspect of life we’re talking about. Exercising each morning is purposeful in that I hope to remain fit and healthy, but it’s also purposeful in that it feels good, is difficult enough that […]

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