Library charging trays for vertically oriented 3 x 5″ index cards
30 November 2023 | 6:37 am

Library charging tray with two rows for storing 3 x 5" index cards in portrait orientation. It's sitting on a small library card catalog.
Amidst my seemingly ever-growing collection of index card boxes and trays, I’ve been contemplating getting something that would store cards in a vertical orientation rather than the traditional horizontal. As I’ve been watching the market over the past couple of years, nothing had really come up that suited the bill until this past summer.  That’s … Continue reading Library charging trays for vertically oriented 3 x 5″ index cards

Zettelkasten for Course Work
16 November 2023 | 6:02 am

Table level angle of a small, light brown wooden card index. It has a fine metal relief placard that reads "Remington Rand Library Bureau Div. made in USA". The box has several manilla 1/5 cut 3x5" card dividers inside. Outside of the box on the table in front of it are a typewritten index card and a black metal Rotring 800 0.5mm mechanical pencil. In the background is a white ceramic bowl full of lemons.
I’m tending to lean more toward telling students to rely more directly on something like Cornell notes while they’re in classes learning the basics of an area. Too many students considering starting a Luhmann-artig zettelkasten think that they ought to write down everything, atomize it, and link it which would take an inordinate amount of … Continue reading Zettelkasten for Course Work

Index Card Cases, Wallets, Covers, Pouches, etc.
6 November 2023 | 5:15 pm

Green canvas Flatty Works canvas envelope-style case with a clear plastic front through which one can see a handful of 4 x 6" index card dividers and index cards.
I’ve had an oddly large number of emails over the past few months asking me for advice about what sorts of index card cases and carrying options I use on a daily basis.  Rather than tip out my zettelkasten in fits and spurts on the topic, I thought I’d pour out all those ideas out … Continue reading Index Card Cases, Wallets, Covers, Pouches, etc.

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