Ep37 production report: desk setup
19 May 2022 | 9:19 pm

Pepper&Carrot episode 37 production report: an important milestone today. The alpha version (still in French) was posted to proofreaders.

Here is a photo of my setup over last month for drawing and inking all pages. On the table, the XP-Pen 24 Pro Artist display tablet I reviewed last year.

I have a new keyboard, a Dell flat classic one (but Azerty, the French variant) mounted on the display tablet. It's done with the help of a CinTweak. The product doesn't exist yet for XP-Pen tablet, but thanks to the crew at CinTweak in charge of emails, they were able to answer to my emails with mesurement of my device and guided me to find the most compatible CinTweak they had. With a bit of DIY on the top, it fits well. I'll probably update that on my review and include a mini video about it. I also solved one thing I disliked for this tablet: the overlay sheet, I replaced it with a Photodon Mx, and it's a big big improvement. I really like inking and drawing with it now. I'll see what happens for coloring a full episode with this position. I'm curious.

Last time I tested a setup like that, it hasn't lasted too long. It takes time getting outside of the comfort zone :-)

Pepper&Carrot derivation: a short scene animated and making-of
3 May 2022 | 3:07 pm

Result condensed under 1min24s of the full process.

Here is a new Pepper&Carrot derivation: a short scene animated coming with a fully detailed Krita and Blender 3D making-of. A project done by Purism's Creative Director François Téchené.

You can read the full making-of here: https://puri.sm/posts/animating-pepper-carrot-with-librem-laptop/

I really liked the result and all the production tips on the article (the compositing!). A very good resource if you are interested into animation with Free/Libre and Open Source tools.

Note: video direct link here, 24MiB.

My Avatar Generators: Cats, Birds, Fenestars and Abstracts
26 April 2022 | 11:33 am

Hey, back in 2016 I decided to get rid of trackers on my website, and Gravatar was one of them for the comment section. That's how I decided to make my own homemade cat avatar system based on sprite I painted. Then I made birds, received sponsoring by Framasoft for the Fenestar one of Mobilizon and also made an abstract one. You'll find them all here:







(note: a project sponsored by Framasoft for Mobilizon, thanks!)




License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Attribution for the artworks: 'David Revoy' with the following exception:

  • No need attribution if you use it for your personal avatar (eg. avatar on your social-medias, forum, blog post, etc...). However, if you propose it to all the users of your blog/website/forum/app/software, please provide the attribution in the footer of the page or in the credits.
  • Please don't use my art for NFTs, this infringe my moral right (read this blog-post I wrote if you wonder why). If you find my work as NFTs: please report it. I'm not the uploader of the NFT. You can support my art via patronage or donation here.

For specific link to the sources and changelog, check the [more info] link in the footer of every avatar generator. Special thanks and attribution to Andreas Gohr's MonsterID code for making me discover a simple engine to make my own generators.

Update 2022: this page originally contained only the cat avatar generator and was published in 30 november 2016. I decided to update it with its timestamp and plug into the page all other generators I made so far to ease finding and recommending them.

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