Salton Sea Revisited: Death and Salvation
6 November 2021 | 1:00 pm

An update of my notes from 2002. In twenty years of exploration along the fabled California sea, I encounter ecological devastation, lawless Slab City, zany prophets, burrow-dwellers, and at last, a bold hope for salvation.

Hand-drawn Map of the Cyclades Islands
16 July 2021 | 1:00 pm

A hand-drawn map of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. These Greek islands, home to some of the earliest civilizations in this region, include 220 islands.

Complete Guide to all Cactuses of the United States
18 June 2021 | 1:00 pm

What represents the diversity of the American Southwest better than the cacti? Explore my illustrations and descriptions of every cactus species in the United States. My simple illustrations are designed to highlight the field identifications of each cactus, helping you learn and enjoy them in the wild. This is the world's only complete guide to every cactus in the desert southwest and the United States. Explore the American cactuses by genus:

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