29 November 2022 | 3:16 pm

Revisiting Per-Anders Jörgensen's photographs through Christian Puglisi's Relæ: A Book of Ideas.More

13 November 2022 | 5:17 pm

Visitors that come to Singapore for a holiday inevitably bang on about how put-together this country is. And it’s true, for the most part. We’re generally an orderly, compliant nation, and that applies to our infrastructure: stuff works here. Schedules are adhered to. Rules followed. Things are in good repair. But if you pay attention,…More

3 November 2022 | 1:48 am

It took an Instagram outage disabling my feed, to get me back to this space again. I don’t post on Instagram all that much. A bunch of pictures once a month, if that. The odd event call out. I use it mostly as a messaging service, with some direct messages going back years. But it’s…More

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