An Almost Empty Lot, Provo, Utah Temple May 29, 2024
29 May 2024 | 8:10 pm

The demolition of the Provo, Utah Temple is almost complete. This video shows a view of the entire temple lot. We do not yet know where the new Provo Rock Canyon Temple will be built. I suppose we will know when they start excavating the basement. It was a lovely day but sad. 

The Demolition of the Provo, Utah Temple
17 May 2024 | 10:41 pm

 It is warm and beautiful day but very sad. This is what is left of the ongoing demolition of the Provo, Utah Temple. I expect that this all we gone or in piles by the end of next week. You can see the base of the spire in the center of the ruin. It was on the roof and keeps falling down in the middle as the temple is demolished. 

Provo Utah Temple Reconstruction Begins with the removal of the Angel Moroni statue.
20 April 2024 | 12:33 pm

The Provo Utah Temple closed on February 24, 2024 for reconstruction and will be renamed the Provo Utah Rock Canyon Temple. The temple has served BYU students, missionaries, and local Latter-day Saints for more than 50 years. The actual reconstruction began the week of April 14th through the 20th with tree removal and site demolition. The Angel Moroni statue was removed on 18 April 2024. This is a short video showing the removal. 

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