Seeds Close up -- Macro Photography with the iPhone 13
1 December 2021 | 7:04 pm

This image was made in late fall when there had been several freezing nights. Most of the plants were frostbitten and dried out. We have had no snow in the lower elevations so far into December. There are images like this all around. 


Salt Lake City, Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints being restructured
30 November 2021 | 11:36 pm


The basic outline of the temple is recognizable but the entire structure is covered with scaffolding. This major reconstruction effort began in December of 2019 for general remodelling and seismic renovations. The reconstruction will take approximately four years. Meanwhile, the rest of of Temple Square is also affected. The North Visitors Center is presently being demolished as was the South Visitors Center. Although this video is out-dated, it is helpful in understanding what is going on.

Starting Macro-Photography
28 November 2021 | 1:38 am

 When you look closely at the world around you, you will see beauty in unexpected places. These dried flower stocks are waiting for the first snow of the year. I will be exploring the macro-world more frequently than I have in the past. 

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