Sensual politics
2 December 2021 | 8:31 am

The return was amethyst. A fall back to the inner workings of peace. Piece by boring human piece. Without touching any part of my temple. With hands and and the lingering sensation of touch Without. You Floated to the top of my memories. From the enemy the temptation to swear upon your eyes comes. But…More

Confessions of a witness
1 December 2021 | 8:33 am

Yes or No?? I do not like the grey of the in between. Clarity is my only resolve. A gun smokes in the corner of this tavern. Like a fate twisted by opposites a fight has been brought to my door. The ground is alive and in it the face of something spiritual. When the…More

30 November 2021 | 9:10 am

An Old motherConditioned sunshineWooden, gated and consumed To describe you my loveI toss into pilesA conspiracy I could believe The will and planI accept it allsad songs to becomeThe Depth in watery poetry I have known you like my parentDarkened without limitationInside your goalsI rest assured Stars and springsYou are my only one. The end.More

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