[RIDGELINE] Tagging Ridgeline
16 January 2022 | 12:00 am

Hello mostly-chilly Ridgeline walkers — Tags! I’ve been slowly adding tags to some Ridgeline entries as a year-end project. You can view all the current tags here. I’m chopping stuff into groups based on walks and routes. For example we have Nakasendō and Tōkaidō and Kumano Kodō and the Ise-ji, and locales like the Kii Peninsula. I’ve also been peeling off sub-topics like the Literature of Walking and Photography, Bookmaking and Gear.

[RIDGELINE] The 'Rules' of Walking
8 January 2022 | 12:00 am

Walk-curious walkers of Ridgeline: I love rules. They’re helpful: Helpful creatively, helpful cognitively (they reduce rote decision making load). Walks can be powerful tools or “platforms.” Well-considered rules applied to walks are like the low level “code” of the walk. They define the functions and features of a walk, the kinds of work that emerge from walks. Over the years, I’ve built up and torn down, bent and replaced Walk Rules, but in general they look like:

[RODEN] What's at Stake?
3 January 2022 | 12:00 am

Rodenians — Hello from the very futuristic sounding year of 2022. “I lived to 2022 and all I got was this t-shirt, a mind-blowing telescope that can look back a trillion years in time, and across-the-board life-changing advancements in viral mitigation.” I’m Craig Mod, and this is the December/January edition of Roden, a newsletter which, in theory, you signed up for, perhaps even recently, as inspired by the end of my Tiny Barber, Post Office pop-up newsletter.

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