Self Portrait, after Bone Density Test
4 December 2023 | 1:22 am

I lie very still on the bed of the densitometer as its arm sweeps over my body. Unlike Vesalius or even Galen, the doctor won't see me as a figure stepping off a pedestal—it wants to see inside itself and so moves aside the curtain of its own scalpeled flesh, revealing organs so neatly penciled …

Cold season
3 December 2023 | 4:08 pm

I have winter in me go to ice where I sit and become snow under the barber's hand but a bottle is a good hard time I read a clock with pleasure after that

Tarot of my Sadness
3 December 2023 | 4:42 am

I pick leaves to make into books—my zamisdat, my kind of dissident printing in a time when algorithms dictate so many human interactions. If I click on an ad for a yellow raincoat, my feed gets flooded with a hundred more. I don't want to buy, I'm only browsing. But what did I look at …

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