Let me explain something to you: periodisation and the Middle Ages
26 February 2024 | 1:03 pm

Last week, I was having a nice little chat on BlueSky, my go-to site for chatting shit and avoiding work now that twitter is unusable, with some very nice people, and I was asked a thoughtful question about how we talk about the different eras of the Middle Ages. This made me realise that there … Continue reading "Let me explain something to you: periodisation and the Middle Ages"

On secret romantic communications
14 February 2024 | 11:25 am

It’s the commercial day of love, and you know what that means – it’s time to buy things to prove your emotions, or something. And look, we all know that Valentine’s Day is made up and has nothing to do with St Valentine. Did people sometimes pass love notes around St Valentine’s Day? Yes. I … Continue reading "On secret romantic communications"

My fav saints: St Margaret of Antioch
30 January 2024 | 11:30 am

Friends, since I made you all think about death recently I thought I would keep it light for you real quick and talk to you once again, about one of my favourite saints – the good St Margaret of Antioch. I was thinking about her recently because I was writing up something about your good … Continue reading "My fav saints: St Margaret of Antioch"

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