Henry Stimson didn’t go to Kyoto on his honeymoon
24 July 2023 | 12:57 pm

The city of Kyoto was the only great city of Japan to be spared serious bombing during World War II, despite being among the top targets preferred for the atomic bomb, thanks to the unprecedented and extraordinary efforts by the Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, to protect it. I have written at length on […]

Deconstructing “The Doomsday Machine” – Part 1: The Question of Memory
16 June 2023 | 8:14 pm

When I learned several months ago that Daniel Ellsberg had pancreatic cancer, and was opting not to treat it, I was not quite sure what I ought to do. I consider it a great honor that I got to spend several days with Ellsberg, a few years back, and was periodically in touch with him […]

Oppenheimer: Vacated but not Vindicated
21 December 2022 | 6:03 pm

One of the sleeper news items of last week was that the Department of Energy officially vacated the Atomic Energy Commission decision that stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his security clearance in 1954. It did come as a surprise to me. I knew that there was a campaign to overturn Oppenheimer’s clearance loss — I […]

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