The Margaret Hooligans’ new single “What Kind Of Donut Are You?”
2 June 2023 | 3:58 pm

Raising the question, "What kind of donut are you?", The Margaret Hooligans participate in a very heated call and response, debating on whether they have cream inside, or plain old-school with just sugar on top.

Shockpowder’s Powerful New single “Evergreen Solace”
2 June 2023 | 3:14 pm

Shockpowder himself describes the tune as "jubilant" yet "sorrowful," and I definitely pick up on that as I listen to the track. The production is mellow and dreamy, yet powerful and progressive.

mUmbo’s new single “Fringe Benefits” soothes the soul
2 June 2023 | 12:51 pm

"Fringe Benefits", the shimmery blues rock tune is the 6th single coming from mUmbo, the UK-based alternative rock band. They've been busy releasing a slew of splendid songs which have gained recognition all over the world.

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