A Different Kind of Light
16 March 2023 | 10:00 am

A Different Kind of Light artwork

The first single from my third EP is streaming everywhere. A Different Kind of Light is a theme for Osaka, a city so big that its edges are blurred, with a downtown that fizzes with a neon-soaked sci-fi intensity, reflecting the effervescent personality of Osakans.

The track begins with crowd chatter and a simple piano melody, but warm saturation and static distortion eventually take hold. I’ve used blasts of static previously, but this is the first time I’ve sustained the noise and made it so prominent because it feels appropriate to the city.

You can stream A Different Kind of Light on Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, Tidal, YouTube, etc. You can also pre-order Osaka EP on Bandcamp before its complete 7th April release.

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Delia’s First Happening
13 March 2023 | 6:00 pm

Delia Recordings handouts
Matt and Simon
Raif Killips
Brown Fang

On Saturday night, we attended the intimate and low-key First Happening from Delia Recordings, the launch of a new project from old friends.

New beginnings. New blossomings. New life springs from the frozen ground. A new record label, a new magazine, a new series of happenings, a new time and place to create, perform, document and make beautiful things.

We enjoyed intimate songs and anecdotes from Huw Costin (Torn Sail, The Low Drift) followed by an inspiring short talk from Raif Killips about his impressive wildlife carvings. Later, there was an engaging spoken word performance from Simon Rudkin with Matt on the Moogerfoogers, and a headline performance of textured melodies from the excellent Brown Fang. Pop-up Crate Mags sold select publications and zines, and the event raised some money for the venue, By Our Hands We Make Our Way in rejuvinated Sneinton Market.

New beginnings and beautiful things. Spring is here, taste the colour.

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Pre-order Osaka EP
10 March 2023 | 9:00 am

Site Nonsite Osaka EP

The third EP in my Japanese cities series is here. Osaka celebrates the sprawling city’s unique culture and effervescent personality and remembers a rural retreat in neighbouring Hyōgo prefecture.

This EP documents experiences of the region from our 2016 and 2018 trips: downtown Osaka’s sci-fi fizz and intensity; its metropolitan scale, so big that its edges are blurred; Osakan humour and the love for simple, sauce-soaked food; the excitement of a day at the Sumo tournament; moments of rural peace and optimism.

As ever, I’m attempting to give form to my memories; to share how they feel and help them find their place in time.

Countless hours of research and production went into this one, and I hope you’ll give it a listen. Pre-order Osaka EP today and get A Different Kind of Light and Sauce!, plus two more tracks and supporting documents on 7th April. Special edition tapes include locations map, liner notes, diary entries, sticker and replica Sumo program and will ship in mid-April.

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