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6 February 2024 | 10:00 am


I thought I’d lost my old iPod, but found it in the cellar and got it working again. It’s a delight to find a lovely old playlist on it, currently playing through the Scarlett into Ableton and my ears via my desk speakers. I thought ~2005 might’ve been the last time I’d used it, but the playlist is called AAA NACONF, so I must’ve dug it out and loaded it up for the conference tech team in January 2011.

It was exciting to see it charge (I cobbled together a wall charger from three old cables), but it was stuck on the Apple logo for ages; thankfully, a trusty forced restart button combo brought it to life. It’s a shame I can’t manage its contents because there’s an empty 6GB; I understand that Macs still recognise these models, but it takes a silly daisy chain of dongles or an old machine with a FireWire port. Maybe one day.

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Good evening, Wembl... err, Witney!
26 January 2024 | 2:00 pm

I’ll be making my live debut alongside Nine Is The Level and A Year’s Rain in Witney (Oxfordshire) on Sunday 12th May, 7:30pm (after that afternoon's Pedal Party). If you're curious, there's an accompanying playlist (Spotify/Apple).

Tickets are now available!

Poster for the Ambient Witney show at Fat Lil's, designed by Jon Hicks, Hicksdesign
Ambient Witney poster designed by Jon Hicks.

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23 January 2024 | 3:00 pm

A dream project has come to fruition. Last year, I invited several artists to rework music from my Japan EPs, and all agreed. I am indebted to 99LETTERS, Justin Von Strasburg, Karen Vogt, Lardkid, Paul Cousins, Pushkins Prefers, Veryan and Xylander and I can’t wait to share their interpretations. Remixed also includes a new song and will be available next month.

Proposed artwork for Site Nonsite's Remixed album, with a handwritten list of contributing artists

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