Monthly stocking up: this is what $694 looks like
29 May 2024 | 11:28 pm

With several things going on, today’s trip to the city was supposed to be for a small stock up trip, with the larger one happening when main pay comes in, on the last business day of the month. Our schedule has changed a bit, so I will be able to do that on the Friday, … Continue reading Monthly stocking up: this is what $694 looks like

Not working out as planned
28 May 2024 | 5:52 pm

One of the things I wanted to get back to today, was to work on the garden beds again. It’s getting a bit drier out there, though mowing the lawn is still out of the question, but I want to get at least something done. Well, that doesn’t seem to be working out. I did … Continue reading Not working out as planned

A very long day, and that’s hilarious!
28 May 2024 | 3:04 am

Today was my day to take my mother in for her doctor’s appointment, but it was late enough in the day that I could still do my morning rounds. The double lilac in the old kitchen garden are starting to really open up. With the recent deluge we had, with other areas getting snow, quite … Continue reading A very long day, and that’s hilarious!

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