Bowing Boughs In B&W
18 May 2024 | 5:34 pm

This is a mini post containing fewer images than usual. I’ve been holding on to these three since last fall. I was hoping to go back to this location before now but it just didn’t happen. So, in the spirit of moving on, I decided to go ahead and post them. Besides, spring is just … Continue reading Bowing Boughs In B&W

Clouds Come And Go
14 May 2024 | 5:12 pm

With this post I’m pondering the movement of clouds. While out shooting I frequently find myself waiting until the clouds move into a scene in such a way that they enhance my composition. Once in optimal position I have to be quick because the best alignment possible never lasts long. Most of all I look … Continue reading Clouds Come And Go

The Power Of Pink
13 April 2024 | 4:16 pm

Through the years I have noticed that my landscape photographs including the color pink get the most attention. I decided to do a little digging into what is written about the color and what I found is interesting, and explains the color’s popularity. The color pink is thought to provide warm and comforting feelings. Pink can … Continue reading The Power Of Pink

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