You Can Fly, You Can Fly…
22 June 2022 | 8:09 am

An hour has slipped by and my body is getting heavier. I have felt like sleeping these past few days. I am a soft kind of tired now. Leonard is lying just behind my chair now, on the cold floor instead of his usual spot on the rug. When I am done writing, I will […]

Milestones and Omens
21 June 2022 | 9:30 am

I’ve had an unwanted hiatus from writing. Growing is always difficult, and some things must lie fallow while other things bloom. That was “svulstig”*, I know. But the metaphor does the job of conveying the truth. *grandiloquent – but not exactly. Try saying them out loud. Svulstig feels much more bloated in your mouth, pressing […]

An Amphibious, Alien Creature
30 May 2022 | 5:08 am

I am not sure where my attention was when the last two weeks passed by. I’ve been sleeping a lot. Often pinned under an 80-pound dog. I have been unraveling in a good way. Dinner with friends. Lazy evenings. Daily yoga sessions that have become more meaningful with a renewed attention to breath. Finally answering […]

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