Review: I’m Just A Person by Tig Notaro
12 May 2022 | 5:11 pm

One slow weekend day, I was watching Hannah Gadsby interviews on YouTube, as one does. Okay, it wasn’t a weekend, but a weekday. And okay, it wasn’t slow – I was actively procrastinating work by watching these videos. As one does. I rewatched one of my favourite interviews of Hannah’s – her first one with... Continue Reading →

Review: Anxious People and A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
29 April 2022 | 1:38 pm

For most people, A Man Called Ove is the book that introduces them to the creative genius that is Fredrik Backman. For me, however, this introduction was the book Anxious People, which I read (but did not write about) last year. Anxious People is a book that can very well be judged by its cover.... Continue Reading →

Please stop wishing me a Happy Women’s Day
11 March 2022 | 5:46 am

Issued in self-interest. Hello ji, I am stepping out of hibernation for a minute to make this announcement: Please stop wishing me a Happy Women’s Day. Is it just me or was Women’s Day on steroids this year? As I am on this self-imposed sabbatical from Womaning, I did not really make any extra attempts... Continue Reading →

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