Damsels in Distress – Trope or Reality?
25 January 2022 | 8:19 am

Exploring how women face crises Hello ji, I don’t remember a lot from my early childhood. But some memories have a way of being more vivid than others – like the memory of watching a potential explosive go up in flames, and counting down the seconds before it takes you and everyone you love along... Continue Reading →

Does infertility make you less of a man?
17 January 2022 | 5:40 pm

And what does that have to do with Womaning, anyway? Hello ji, Question for fellow Hindus – Do you have a pooja at home every Diwali? My family has only one tradition that has managed to survive the laziness of our generation – and that is Diwali pooja. Even as we switch from elaborate aartis (hymns) in a grand pooja-room, to... Continue Reading →

Review: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone
15 January 2022 | 7:18 pm

I have written more in the last year than ever before. And yet, the tragic collateral damage has been my reading. As someone who has failed at perhaps a bajillion diets so far, I am a strong believer in trying one more time. A new year seemed to be as good a milestone as any.... Continue Reading →

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