Bud, Hunting Again
23 April 2024 | 9:48 pm

Bud got a good night’s sleep after yesterday’s rat. But he was back hunting today outside my studio.  I saw him nosing around in some leaves by the fence.  In moments he pulled his nose out of the leaves and had a mole in his mouth. Unlike a cat, Bud wasn’t interested in playing with...

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The Last Cat Face Pillow
23 April 2024 | 9:29 pm

I finished the last Cat Face Pillow.  It’s the last one because I used up the fabric.  I have a few cats left over that I’m going to make in to Potholders. I started working on those today, but didn’t get far. I’ll have one or two of these pillows for sale in a couple...

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Drawing Cat Faces At The Mansion
23 April 2024 | 9:21 pm

It often happens that when I’m working on something in my studio, I convert the idea into a class for The Mansion. This time it was the cat faces from the Cat Face Pillows I’ve been making.  I wanted to show how by altering a few lines or shapes you can create different expressions. Much...

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